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Campaign letter Paul Buttigieg, PN candidate – 13 District

Dear friends, Now that the campaign is nearing its end, I felt obliged to communicate with you by sending you this message. Over the last nine weeks I did my utmost to visit all localities. We dialogued about both beautiful, as well as less pleasant memories together. These were personal stories which you wanted to [...]
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Lower car and bike registration tax rates come into force

The Ministry of Finance, the Economy and Investment has said today that the rates of registration tax for Category M1 vehicles (passenger cars) and N1 (goods carrying vehicles) with euro 5 or 6 emission levels and motorcycles have been reduced as shown in the tables below. The new rates are effective as from the 29th [...]
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Birdlife Malta conservatonists call for urgent political aciton

BirdLife Malta conservationists and volunteers were joined by concerned citizens in calling for urgent political action to reform enforcement of wildlife protection laws and prosecution of wildlife crimes, at a peaceful demonstration in front of the Malta Law Courts in Valletta today. A banner held by demonstrators proclaiming ’101 unsolved wildlife crimes’ referred to the [...]
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The Assocjazzjoni Suldati Pensjonanti hears PL’s proposals

The Assocjazzjoni Suldati Pensjonanti (ASP) – Association for retired Servicemen of the Armed Forces of Malta (AFM), was purposely set up on the 12 th November 2012, with the aim of improving the conditions of those ex-Servicemen who have completed their career in uniform under arms. The Association said that “one must not forget that, [...]
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University of Malta launches mobile dental clinic project

The Faculty of Dental Surgery, University of Malta, will be setting up a mobile dental clinic to reach out to the Maltese and Gozitans in their respective community and provide oral health advice and dental care. A first in Malta, the project forms part of University’s health outreach programme and is supported by the University’s [...]
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Benedict XVI formally resigns and “will simply be a pilgrim”

Pope Benedict XVI officially resigned, on Thursday, saying that he now “will simply be a pilgrim” starting his last journey on earth. The pontiff, aged 85, was flown by helicopter from the Vatican to his retreat at Castel Gandolfo, near Rome. The College of Cardinals, headed by Cardinal Tarcisio Bertone, is now in charge of [...]
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Sir M.A. Refalo Centre in Victoria to have a new extension

During his visit to Sir M.A. Refalo Centre for Further Studies in Victoria this week, the Prime Minister, Lawrence Gonzi met enthusiastic students at the Centre where he was able to talk to them and listen to their hopes for the future. There are around 550 students attending the Centre, with 72 full-time teachers. The [...]
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Q4 producer price index for agricultural products up 15.9%

During the fourth quarter last year, producer and input price indices for agriculture rose by 15.9 and 6.8 per cent respectively over the corresponding quarter of 2011. The National Statistics Office said that the producer price index for agricultural products increased by 15.9 per cent, from 120.94 points in the fourth quarter of 2011 to [...]
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MCCAA launch advertising campaign on consumer rights

Jason Azzopardi, Minister of Fair Competition, Small Businesses and Consumers has launched an educational and informative campaign on the rights and obligations of Maltese and Gozitan consumers. The Minister explained how the entire project is worth €534,024, with 85% of funds co-financed by the European Union and 15% of funds co-financed by the Government. He [...]
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Election information on the collection of voting documents

The Electoral Commission has said that those persons who have not yet collected their voting document that may do so from the Electoral Office in the day and hours indicated hereunder. Voting Documents have to be collected Personally from the Electoral Office, Evans Building, St. Elmo Square, Valletta, or, for voters registered in Gozo, from [...]
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