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Illegal development near San Dmitri Chapel – Ambijent Malti

The Ambijent Malti Organisation has issued a statement this afternoon saying that an illegal building is being developed in a sensitive area near to San Dmitri Chapel in Gharb, Gozo. The Organisation said that “this development is excessive and without control or planning permit.” The Organisation said that this is a “controversial area where permission [...]
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EC proposes clearer rules on status of pollen in honey

A proposal to amend rules on honey to clarify the true nature of pollen following a European Court of Justice preliminary ruling was adopted today by the European Commission. In line with international WTO standards, the proposal defines pollen as a natural constituent of honey and not as an ingredient. The Court of Justice based [...]
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Maltese fisherman rescued after being missing for 2 days

After 2 days of searching for the missing Maltese fisherman, Mario Axiaq, aged 58 from Zabbar, the search and rescue operation conducted by the Rescue Coordination centre of the AFM came to a successful end earlier this morning when the AFM King Air B200 spotted the fisherman in his boat some 45 NM NE There [...]
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move2Gozo Real Estate wins European Property Award

The European Property Awards 2012 have now been judged and move2Gozo Real Estate, based in Gozo, has been advised that it is among the winning companies. David Pace, of move2Gozo said, “we are delighted with this achievement, considering we are such a very small company competing against the very best agencies in Europe. It is [...]
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Ban shark finning on board, says the Fisheries Committee

EU member states should stop issuing special permits to remove shark fins on board vessels, said Fisheries Committee MEPs on Wednesday. In a report on the external dimension of the common fisheries policy, MEPs urged that global efforts to combat illegal fishing be stepped up, and improvements made to agreements with third countries which allow [...]
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European Commission should not give in to bullying – AD

Alternattiva Demokratika – The Green Party, endorsed the position of the European Greens who are appealing to the European Commission not give in to bullying tactics of certain governments, and to present legislative proposals on the boardroom quotas issue. Angele Deguara, AD Spokesperson for Social Policy and Civil Rights, said, “The recent news that the [...]
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