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‘Gentes’ exhibition visited by the Prime Minister on Sunday

On Sunday the Prime Minister Dr Lawrence Gonzi made an official visit to the international collective exhibition ‘Gentes,’ organised by the JP2 Foundation and which was part of the Lejlet Lapsi – Notte Gozitana events. The Prime Minister had the opportunity to view the paintings in the exhibition and was accompanied by his wife, Mrs [...]
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Two booklets on Santa Lucija presented to the Gozo Minister

Two booklets compiled by Rev. Dr Joseph Bezzina for the Fondazzjoni ta’ Klula of Santa Lucija, Gozo, were recently presented to the Minister for Gozo, Giovanna Debono. One of the booklets covers the prehistoric and medieval sites in the Santa Lucija area, while the other consists of a collection of local legends connected with this [...]
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Nature Trust condems theft of trees at Xrobb L-Ghagin Park

Nature Trust Malta said today that “vandals broke into Xrobb L-Ghagin Park this weekend and uprooted and stole over 170 newly planted trees including those planted by VIPs just one month ago as part of the NGOs 50th anniversary celebrations. “Trees stolen include those of the President of Malta, Prime Minister and Leader of the [...]
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Government exempts heirs from document duty payments

The Government has today announced that “as part of its efforts to generate further economic activity and job creation in our village cores, whilst improving the quality of our urban areas, a scheme to exempt transfer of shares between heirs of privately owned residential properties from payment of duty on documents. This will apply for [...]
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Form 4 students attend hands-on session at the ITS Qala

For the third consecutive year, Form 4 students attending state and church secondary schools in Gozo, attended informative and hands-on sessions at the Institute for Tourism Studies in Qala. Students were also informed about the variety of courses offered at the Institute. These sessions form part of the Healthy Eating Campaign organised annually by the [...]
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ADZ Green Youth denounce Tarxien ‘Mosquito’ device

Alternattiva Demokratika Zaghzagh (ADZ-Green Youth) has expressed dismay at the heavy-handed manner in which the Tarxien Local Council is dealing with alleged pubic disturbances in the locality. ADZ said that “the Council has recently been reported utilizing a ‘Mosquito’ in Ovindoli Garden, a device which emits a high-pitched sound, heard only by younger people, with [...]
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HSBC first direct trade settlement in Chinese RMB currency

Since the launch of the HSBC direct trade settlement in Chinese Renminbi (RMB), the interest shown by local importers trading with China in RMB has been very positive and encouraging. Local businesses are exploring the possibility of obtaining quotes in RMB for the goods on order that were previously being settled in either USD or [...]
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Prime Minister visits ‘Celebration’ exhibition at the Citadel

The Prime Minister Dr Lawrence Gonzi, accompanied by Mrs Gonzo, The Minister for Gozo, Giovanna Debono, the Minister for Justice, Dialogue and the Family, Dr Chris Said,  Parliamentary Assistant within the Ministry for Gozo Frederick Azzopardi and the Mayor of Victoria, Dr Samuel Azzopardi, visited the B.R.A Gozo Group ‘Celebration’ Exhibition on Saturday, which is [...]
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Malta’s corporate tax rate is 2nd highest in EU at 35%

Taxation trends in the European Union Further increase in VAT rates in 2012 Corporate and top personal income tax rates inch up after long decline Corporate tax rates in the EU27 have risen slightly in 2012, ending a long declining trend. The highest statutory tax rates on 2012 corporate income are recorded in France (36.1%), [...]
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April’s cruise passenger traffic up by 22.2% over last year

Cruise passenger traffic during April stood at 54,705, up by 22.2 per cent over last year. There were 34 cruise liner calls during the month with an average 1,609 passengers per vessel. The absolute majority of cruise passengers were in transit and amounted to 52,326, while the remaining were either embarking (1,258) or landing (1,121) [...]
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AD calls for MEPA board to turn down Hodoq development

Alternattiva Demokratika – The Green Party said this morning in a statment that it “augured that the MEPA appeals board would not violate planning policy and would thus refuse the proposed development at Hondoq ir-Rummien.” Michael Briguglio, AD Chairperson, said, “As the only political party which has consistently opposed the proposed development at Hondoq ir-Rummien [...]
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Two games played in the MCA Cricket Summer League

On Saturday the MCA Cricket Summer league continued with two games. In the first Melita Betfair C.C played Krishna C.C. The Krishna team batted first and could not have started any worse, they lost their first three wickets (Nowell Khosla, Joy Ghoseroy and John Rusher) for seven runs. Sumair Khan and Dhruv Duggal fought back [...]
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