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‘Premju Qalb tad-Deheb’ awarded to the Xuereb family

On Saturday the Cana Movement in Gozo held its 41st annual ‘Premju Qalb tad-Deheb’ Award Ceremony at its headquarters in Victoria, Gozo. Chorus Urbanus was invited to participate for the occasion. This year’s edition was awarded to the Xuereb Family from Xewkija. Dr Paul G Pisani in his outline in the report of the Selection [...]
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Maltese Centre in Astoria N.Y. celebrates St Paul’s Feast

As they have been doing since 1994, the Maltese Center in Astoria, Queens, New York City, celebrated the Feast of St. Paul’s Shipwreck last Saturday. Fr. Ivan Sant, a Maltese priest from Birkirkara, who studied for the priesthood and was ordained in the neighboring state of New Jersey and who is presently serving in the [...]
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Dept of Health launches a national sexual health survey

As part of the roadmap set out in the Sexual Health Strategy, launched in 2011, the Department of Health Information and Research (DHIR) is launching a nationwide sexual health survey on the subject amongst all Maltese residents aged between sixteen and forty, with the approval of the Health Ethics Committee, which has reviewed both the [...]
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Discover the digital world together & safely for the young

Safer Internet Day was celebrated recently across many European countries, with the aim of promoting safe and responsible use of the internet by children and young people. Insafe’s main theme for this year is to discover the digital world together…safely with the aim of connecting generations and having people of all ages from very young [...]
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Former Prime Minister Dom Mintoff’s condition is stable

Mater Dei Hospital have said this afternoon that the former Prime Minister Mr Dom Mintoff’s “general condition is stable.” The medical team responsible for his care said they envisage that he will require a further few days of in- patient care. The former Labour Leader was admitted to Mater Dei Hospital on Saturday morning, with [...]
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BOV launches its new Term Deposit Account limited offer

Bank of Valletta has just launched a new 5 year Euro Term Deposit Account offering an interest rate that increases each year over the term of the account. Account holders taking out this deposit will benefit from an initial interest rate of 2.25% in the first year, increasing up to 4.00% in the fifth and [...]
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Frangisku Cauchi from Gharb passes away at the age of 103

Frangisku Cauchi, known as Cikku tan-Namrat and born in Gharb, sadly passed away yesterday at the age of 103. Frangisku was the Son of Guzeppi and Marija Roza Cauchi. He was the 3rd child of 7 and was married to Marija nee Micallef. Frangisku. Frangisku and Marija had eleven children, three of whom died at [...]
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Design competition launch for public art in industrial zones

As part of a broad strategy to improve the environment within industrial zones in both Malta and Gozo, Malta Enterprise (ME) and Malta Industrial Parks Ltd (MIP) are issuing a Call for Artists to participate in a competition that will provide them the opportunity to showcase their work in various public locations. In this respect [...]
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Munxar and Xlendi residents deserve good governance – AD

Alternattiva Demokratika – The Green Party said that residents of Munxar and Xlendi deserve good governance in matters related to their quality of life. Michael A. Bajada, AD candidate for Munxar and Xlendi, said, “The last local election result and support gave me more courage to contest again. Since then I was always active politically [...]
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Persons in full-time employment increased by 1.6% in 2011

In the twelve months to September 2011, registered full-time employment increased by 1.6 per cent to a total of 149,859 persons. Data provided by the Employment and Training Corporation indicates that over a period of one year, there was an increase of 2,204 persons in the labour supply. This was mainly attributed to an increase [...]
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Revision of the General Election Electoral Register

The Chief Electoral Commissioner has said that the closing date for the publication of the forthcoming revision of the General Election Electoral Register due in April is 31st March, 2012. All Maltese nationals aged 18 or over whose name does not appear in the Electoral Register published in October, 2011, and who have not since [...]
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