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Bethlehem f’Ghajnsielem construction work well underway

Several structures have already been erected on the site at Ta’ Passi fields at Ghajnsielem which, next month will host the fourth edition of the Bethlehem f’Ghajnsielem event. The construction on the nativity village started just two weeks ago, but thanks to the enthusiasm of the locals including several volunteers who are giving a helping [...]
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The impact of climate change on the Mediterranean sea

As part of the monthly presentations organised by Din l-Art Helwa, Dr. Alan Deidun BSc (Hons.) PhD., CSB MI Biol., will illustrate the impact that climate change is having on the Mediterranean and discuss how the Mediterranean Sea is the ideal testing chamber to assess the impacts of sea warming on marine biota. According to [...]
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The EU needs to do more to include people with disabilities

“The EU needs to get more people with disabilities into jobs and include provisions on disability in more of its other policies,” says Parliament in a resolution, passed on Tuesday, on the European Disability Strategy 2010-2020. “Over 80 million people, i.e. around 16% of the EU’s total population, are living with disabilities. The Europe 2020 [...]
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Advice on events involving the production and sale of food

The Environmental Health Directorate within the Superintendence of Public Health of the Ministry for Health, Elderly and Community Care has said that it “has noticed that several events involving the production and sale of food are being organised both by public and private entities.” It has also “noticed that during such activities food hygiene is [...]
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help! training programme on autism for the first time in Malta

The Inspire Foundation is proud to offer for the first time in Malta and Gozo, a three day help! Programme for parents of children diagnosed with autism. It is a programme that has been devised by NAS, UK and adapted for the local context by Inspire licensed trainers. help! is a three day family support [...]
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Single mothers & their children should receive more support

EU Member States should help single mothers by setting up “family centres” to provide them with temporary accommodation, advice and education, says the Euopean Parliament in a resolution passed by a show of hands on Tuesday. The number of single mothers is growing in all advanced and industrialised countries, as a result of divorce, separation [...]
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More music, history and culture in Festival Mediterranea

Besides the opera Norma, which is to be held at Teatru Astra this week, Festival Mediterranea presents a whole programme of cultural events that seek to unveil aspects of the islands’ rich cultural treasures and heritage. Norma opens the tenth edition of the festival, with the first performance on Thursday and a second performance on [...]
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In 2009 Malta averaged around 10 pupils per teacher

Education trends 2000-2009 From 10 to 20 pupils per teacher in primary education across Member States in 2009 At primary level, the number of pupils per teacher varies significantly between Member States. In 2009 they ranged from around 10 pupils on average per teacher in Malta, Lithuania, Denmark and Poland to nearly 20 pupils per [...]
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August’s accommodation figures show another decrease

According to figures from the National Statistics Office release today, in August, arrivals and nights in collective accommodation establishments declined to 147,364 and 1,011,263 respectively. The average length of stay was estimated at 6.9 nights. Non-resident arrivals amounted to 136,181, down by 4.9 per cent when compared to August last year. Likewise, the number of [...]
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Pictorial health warnings on all tobacco sales by Thursday

The Environmental Health Directorate within the Public Health Superintendence said that it is reminding retailers of tobacco products that regardless of previous information and news, monitoring of the local market has once more evidently showed that various amounts of tobacco products other than cigarettes not bearing the combined pictorial health warnings may still remain exposed [...]
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The 25th of October 2011 edition of the Maltese Herald

This weeks October 25th 2011 edition of The Maltese Herald Gozo section is now available for download by clicking here Previous editions are also available by clicking on this link. The stories covered in this weeks issue are: 1. Creation Day, which falls on October 4, feast of St Francis of Assisi, was marked with [...]
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Gozo Karate Club seminar on Sunday with Shihan Borut Kincl

The Gozo Karate Club is organising an autumn seminar, this Sunday, the 30th of October, at the Gozo Sports Complex. The seminar will feature Shihan Borut Kincl, 6th Dan Black Belt, founder and head of the Kempo Arnis Federation (KAF and Head Instructor of the Special forces of Slovenia. It will cover: Okinawan Karate as [...]
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