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European Commission’s higher education reform strategy

As part of Europe’s strategy for jobs and growth, the European Commission today presented a reform strategy to boost graduate numbers, improve teaching quality and maximise what higher education can do to help the EU economy emerge stronger from the crisis. The strategy identifies priority areas where EU countries need to do more to achieve [...]
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GO customers in Gozo have television service disrupted

GO has said in a statement this afternoon that its television services are disrupted due to cable damage. The company said that one of its cables was cut during civil road works that were being carried out by a third party. GO said that work is underway to identify the exact location of and extent [...]
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EC roadmap aimed at transforming Europe’s economy

Today the European Commission set out a ‘roadmap’ aimed at transforming Europe’s economy into a sustainable one by 2050. The Roadmap to a resource-efficient Europe outlines how we can achieve the resource efficient growth which is essential for our future wellbeing and prosperity. The roadmap identifies the economic sectors that consume the most resources, and [...]
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MaltaPost issues special hand postmark – Malta Map Society

For the occasion of the IMCoS Malta International Symposium hosted by The Malta Map Society on 22-25 September 2011, MaltaPost has said that a special hand postmark – MALTA MAP SOCIETY IMCoS INTERNATIONAL SYMPOSIUM will be used on Thursday 22 September 2011 at the MaltaPost Philatelic Bureau. This Special Postmark can be ordered by mail [...]
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Melita is holding another Bonanza Open Weekend

Between Friday, the 23rd and Sunday, the 25th of September, Melita is once again holdings its Bonanza Open Weekend at all of its retail outlets. Following on the success of the previous editions, at this open weekend clients will find numerous special offers and gifts ranging from Free mobile phones, free cordless home phones, free [...]
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Helath warning on possible insect infestation of Uncle’s flour

The Environmental Health Directorate within the Superintendence of Public Health has said that as a precautionary measure the following products is not to be consumed because of the possible presence of an insect infestation. Product Description: Uncle’s Mix Flour Brand: St George’s Brand Weight: 1000g Date of Minimum Durability: 15/05/12 Origin: Malta The Company involved [...]
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Enemalta contends report findings on origins of black dust

Enemalta Corporation has reacted to the statement from MEPA yesterday regarding the report findings with Marsa Power Station “being the likely source black dust.” Enemalta said “it contends the report’s conclusion that it is the major contributor to the issue of black dust in the areas mentioned by the report. The report does not carry [...]
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FKNK urges the government to open the trapping season

The Federation for Hunting & Conservation – Malta (FKNK), said that “he opening of a live-capturing season for huntable species depends solely on Government’s good will or otherwise.” FKNK contiuned, “it carries full responsibility of this statement after participating at an urgent Malta Ornis Committee Meeting held yesterday specifically to discuss this season.” “On 15th [...]
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Gozo Channel’s position on the issue of priority passes

Gozo Channel has said that due to the extraordinary interest being shown in connection with assertions being made about the withdrawal or otherwise of a priority boarding pass issued in favour of Dr Franco Mercieca, it is making the following statement. “The system allowing priority boarding was brought into effect when traffic between the two [...]
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Malta’s current account balance is “deteriorating”

The National Statistics Office figures show that as at the end of the June quarter this year, Malta’s current account balance registered a net surplus of €78.7 million. Preliminary estimates on the international economic and financial transactions carried out by Malta during the second quarter this year indicate a deterioration in the current account balance [...]
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Health sector can’t support influx of foreign patients – MUMN

MUMN has said in a statement this morning that the “health sector in Malta is not in a position to support any influx of patients from any country to Mater Dei Hospital. The Government of Malta has to keep in mind the welfare of the nation and does not resort to decisions just to please [...]
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The 20th of September 2011 edition of the Maltese Herald

This weeks September 20th 2011 edition of The Maltese Herald Gozo section is now available for download by clicking here Previous editions are also available by clicking on this link. The stories covered in this weeks issue are: 1. Earlier this month an award ceremony was held in the grounds of the Gozo General Hospital, [...]
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Xaghra Figs festival & signing of a new twinning agreement

The Xaghra Local Council its village figs festiva for the second year running. The festival includes a conference about the history of this typical fruit in which various local and foreign professors will participate. The Figs festival will be held on Saturday, the 8th and Sunday, the 9th of October 2011. The conference will take [...]
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