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EU’s Rapex rapid alert network for dangerous products

Fewer dangerous products reach consumers due to the EU’s Rapex rapid alert network. A record 2 244 unsafe products were banned, withdrawn from the market or recalled from European consumers in 2010 – 13% more than the year before. Clothing and textiles made up 32% of bans, followed by toys (25%), motor vehicles (9%), electrical [...]
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EU expects full compliance during 2011 tuna fishing season

European Commissioner for maritime affairs and fisheries, Maria Damanaki has said that she expects Member States to take all necessary measures to ensure full compliance by their vessels during the main fishing season for bluefin tuna, which started on 15 May. 15 May to 15 June marks the period where large trawlers (purse seiners) are [...]
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Advice for for people still not in receipt of a voting document

The Electoral Commission would like to remind people whose name appears in the Electoral Register published in October 2010 and who have not yet received or collected their voting document for the National Referendum, that they may currently call personally and present their identity card at the Police Station in the same locality indicated in [...]
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April Harmonised Index of Consumer Prices up by 2.1%

In April, the Harmonised Index of Consumer Prices went up by 2.1 per cent over the previous month. This primarily reflected a seasonal increase of 9.6 per cent in the Restaurants and Hotels Index due to accommodation services. Higher prices of garments caused the Clothing and Footwear Index to go up by 5.0 per cent. [...]
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