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Easter 2011 programme of events around Gozo

The Easter 2011 programme of events around Gozo is now underway. Full details are shown below: Friday 1st April : 19.15 Penitential procession through the main streets of Xewkija with the statue of Christ the Reedemer known as Ir-Redentur. Saturday 2nd April : 19.30 Ghaliex Jien? – a musical about the passion of Christ written [...]
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Ryanair to Introduce EU261 compensation levy of €2

Ryanair, today announced it would introduce a €2 levy per passenger for all bookings made from Monday 4th April 2011 in order to fund its costs of flight cancellations, delays and its EU261 costs in “force majeure” cases where the airline is not responsible for either the delays or cancellations. Ryanair confirmed that over the [...]
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MSA withdraws dangerous ‘crystal bolls’ from the market

A product putting young consumers at risk was recently found on the local market and its immediate withdrawal has been ordered by the Malta Standards Authority. This food-imitating product in the form of multi-coloured balls, known as ‘crystal-bolls’, have an initial diameter of 2mm and expand quickly to a diameter of 10mm or more on [...]
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Shortfall between revenue and expenditure down in 2010

The shortfall between recurrent revenue and total expenditure of Central Government last year amounted to €279.2 million, down by €17.8 million compared to the preceding year. Recurrent revenue advanced by €154.6 million, offsetting the rise of €136.8 million in total expenditure. During the year under review, recurrent revenue stood at €2,525.4 million. The 6.5 per [...]
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Qala book launch – Trades and Crafts in the Maltese Islands

Qala Local Council launched the publication “Trades and Crafts in the Maltese Islands,” which includes all presentations which were made during the conference held in September 2010 in conjunction with the 5th edition of the Qala International Folk Festival. The book was described as a point of reference to all those who have the local [...]
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Asylum Seekers, the EU must act immediately- AD

In view of the 2,000 Eritreans, Somalis and Sudanese that have fled Tripoli by boat to Italy and Malta in the last four days, Alternattiva Demokratika Spokesperson on EU and International Affairs, Prof. Arnold Cassola, stated that, “it is clear that the Gaddafi regime is again resorting to its known blackmailing tactics by ‘invading’ the [...]
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