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Marsa C.C. take on Gentlemen of West London C.C.

Over the weekend Marsa C.C played against newcomers Gentlemen of West London C.C. In overcast weather the tourists won the toss and decided to bat. Shortly after the start of play all were scurrying to the pavilion while it rained. As suddenly as it started, it stopped and within minutes the game resumed. The rain [...]
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AD welcomes new compulsory dog micro-chipping regulation

Alternattiva Demokratika has applauded the introduction of a new regulation making the micro-chipping of dogs compulsory. Simon Galea, Spokesperson for Animal Welfare and Agriculture, said that “Alternattiva Demokrattika always believed in the urgent need for introducing such regulations. Animal Welfare always stood top in the party’s agenda. Micro-chipping of dogs was one of the proposals [...]
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Euro area external trade deficit €14.8 bn & €29.8 bn in EU27

The first estimate for the euro area (EA17) trade balance with the rest of the world in January 2011 gave a 14.8 bn euro deficit, compared with -9.7 bn in January 2010. The December 2010 balance was -0.5 bn, compared with +3.2 bn in December 2009. In January 2011 compared with December 2010, seasonally adjusted [...]
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